As a former teacher (31 years!) I love to connect with students and educators, and spend a lot of time doing just that via classroom visits and teachers’ conventions, as well as through this website. Below you will find a number of free downloads you can use in your classroom. If you have any questions about any of the resources, or would like to know more about writing workshops (for students or teachers), author visits or literacy presentations, just contact me below. 

There are also resources for your students on the Cool Stuff page, including writing tips (“Writing With Robin”) and short stories. Of course, as a teacher you can also access this material and build reading or writing lessons around it. 


Free Downloads


How to Get Your Students Writing

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

Writing 101

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

Plot Structure Graphic

Shows and describes the basic parts of a story.

Creating Characters

2 lists that your students can use to help them create unique, interesting characters (see “Writing With Robin” #4)

3 Simple Tricks That Make Editing Fun & Easy (& Other Lies)

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

What Could Go Wrong?

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

What Could Go Wrong?

This writing unit will help students generate and develop story ideas in a way that will aid their understanding of basic story structure.

Content-Area Writing: Writing to Learn; Learning to Write

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

From Stuck to Story

Teachers’ Convention Presentation

Story Organizer

For use with “What Could Go Wrong?” writing unit

Box Story

A blank template along with instructions showing how to complete each box

Writing With Robin

Ideas and Tips for Young Writers

Contact Robin

Whether you’re interested in an author visit or have a question (about Space Cadets or any of the resources on this site), this is the place! Just fill out the form and I’ll get back to you.

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