Space Cadets

Action, adventure, humour. Fun!

What if your daydreams actually came true?

Sometimes it’s tough to be twelve. Simon’s imagination is the perfect escape—until it gets him into trouble with his teacher and parents. But that’s nothing compared to what happens after his father’s mysterious invention zaps Simon and his twin sister Casey. Now with a supercharged imagination, Simon’s next daydream takes the two of them into space. For real. 

They soon encounter the evil Gamnilians, who take them prisoner. There the twins meet Geet, a clever alien with anxiety issues. Discovering that they all want the same thing—to go home—the trio teams up. Can they escape from the Gamnilians and their ruthless commander Lusec? Or will they remain imprisoned forever in the alternate universe created by Simon’s imagination? 

Only one thing is certain: Their daring attempt will lead them on an adventure that not even Simon could have imagined.

Battle for Tam

The action-packed sequel to Space Cadets !

Someone is trying to kill Geet.

Simon and Casey return to the universe created by Simon’s imagination, rejoining their friend as he nears Tam, his home planet. Unfortunately, the twins arrive on an out-of-control spaceship that’s just minutes away from destruction. 

Insect-like aliens have set out to conquer Tam, and Geet is meeting his father there on a mission to stop them. But someone doesn’t want that to happen. Now the only way to save Geet’s people is for the friends to figure out who’s really behind it all.

Along the way, Simon and Casey meet an enormous alien with the voice of a chipmunk, learn to make friends using bug vomit, and discover first hand the dangers of cutlery. But all that is nothing compared to their final challenge. Can Simon find a way to take his imagination to the next level, or will Tam be destroyed—along with all his friends?

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